High Quality Translation Solution



Shamil Translation, thanks to its professionals and team of solid background and multi-nationals/languages provide translation that sounds natural in multi-fields and purposes. All professionals are chosen based on quality assurance test before joining translation team. Shamil Translation handles each customer request as a project that should go through Quality Assurance Process (QAP) – no matter the size of document required for translation.

The Quality Assurance Process

✔ Analyse source handle source file/document & develop glossary (GoT), if necessary.
✔ Smart selection: We understand your project requirement before assigning it to the right and specialized translator. Our professionals write and create content with translation in owner’s mind/meaning or further, if necessary
5-4 (3)
✔ Translation: native speaking translator’s who is specialist in the same field working on your document.
✔ Professional/Legal proof-reader: provide peace of mind and assurance that your document is the best that you can make it and will be understood by the reader
✔ Final Review: independent linguist reviews and edit the translation for accuracy.
5-4 (3)
After Translation
✔ Final approval by customer (if applicable): our team will contact to ensure all requirement is fulfilled.
✔ Service warranty: 7 days, extendable as the case maybe.