Training & Education

business translation services
Educational and training courses in translation can help academics and hobbyists develop their translation skills. Through these courses, the trainee learns the basics of translation, practical methods, techniques and modern practices. Mastering these skills increases the professional level of the trainees, giving them access to more high-level opportunities in the field of translation. Shamil Translation offers translation courses to help acquire skills and advance a career. These courses can be conducted in organizations, ministries, training venues, or via the Internet. Beginners and those interested in learning translation can register at an affordable rate.
We, at Shamil Translation, have joined a team of proofreaders and linguistic specialists to meet these needs, as we provide professional language proofreading services to professors, lecturers and students of Bachelor’s, master’s and PhD for their graduation researches and projects, etc. Our goal is to fulfill the development of language services requirements for academics and businessmen.