Interpretation service

Interpretation enables individuals to communicate their voices across different languages. Interpretation involves translating speech from one language into another or into multiple languages, by specialized translators and linguists.

We, at Shamil Translation, pride ourselves in providing the best specialized interpretation services to suit the needs and requirements of each client. Our team of certified interpreters provides interpretation in more than 30 languages. Our team possesses the experience and skills to provide interpretation services of the highest quality. We are keen to choose the right translator for each project based on the project requirements.

There are various fields of interpretation, including:

Simultaneous Interpretation:

It is the live translation provided by the interpreter from one language to another at the same moment a person speaks to another or to a group of people. This type of interpretation is often used in multilingual events, such as international conferences or meetings. Translators must be highly trained and experienced to succeed in this job, as they must be able to listen to the speaker and interpret speech accurately and quickly. One of the requirements for this type of interpretation is that the interpreter sits in a soundproofed room equipped with special equipment for listening and interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation:

During this type of interpretation, the speaker stops periodically to allow the interpreter to analyze the translation. The interpreter does not start speaking until the speaker stops speaking. Consecutive interpretation is used in business meetings, court hearings, and other events in which participants speak different languages.

Remote Interpretation:

Interpretation that is done remotely using the Internet and means of electronic communication without the need for the interpreter and speaker to be present at the same site.
Are you looking for an interpretation service for your next conference or business event? We are here to help! Our team of experienced interpreters can provide you with a high-quality translation service, ensuring that all your communications are delivered with accuracy.
With our interpretation service, you can be sure that everyone involved will understand each other clearly.
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Our Latest Projects

Interpretation Service for Bahrain International Circuit

Simultaneous interpretation services for the signing of an agreement between the Bahrain International Circuit and Gulf Air in 2023.

Spanish to Arabic Interpretation Service for Real Betis Club​

Providing interpretation services to Real Betis club during its participation in the Spanish Super Cup 2023 held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Spanish to Arabic interpretation service is a great way to bridge the language gap between two different cultures. With this service, businesses and individuals can communicate in their native language without having to worry about any misunderstandings or communication barriers.