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Professional Translation certified and 100% guaranteed

Providing professional translation services, We can serve as a bridge between you and your target persona. We provide all types of legal translation services in over 100 languages and ensure that every word is as accurate and legally binding

Certified Translation


Shamil Translation has been pioneering for many years in supplying first-class translation services to customers with the purpose of uniting different cultures and encouraging the increasing need for the integration of internationalization and globalization
Shamil Translation provides certified translation before different government directorates and bodies, such as :
Notary publics, private notaries, ministries; all degrees of courts, arbitrations
The translated documents we execute are also admired by different authorities and bodies; e.g., NGOs, international organizations, UN bodies, Universities, education institutions etc.

Notarised Translation


Notarised translations are signed by the translator before notary publics and private notaries in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This step is required for those people who processed their papers for embassies or even those who need to duly authenticate their documents before the competent authorities. Translations for admission to foreign high schools, colleges and universities probably need to be notarised. Documents for legal, contractual or immigration purposes generally require a certified translation. Don’t worry about which translation you might need, our experts will cut it short for you.

We examine and correct text errors very carefully


Students: While writing your essays, master degree dissertation or PhD thesis your major focus is on content, something like format, spelling, grammar etc. is not your initial target. At the end of writing this important document, you need a second eye for grammar, format, spelling etc. to proofread your writing all-in-all. We are the second eye, Shamil Translation has professionals to handle documents such as your academic research

Highly experienced interpreters by using the best interpretation system


You have a conference or workshop, your speakers of other languages, English, French, Chinese, etc, your audience may not understand the event, just leave it for our Interpretation Team. We will add value to your event by conveying your message to all attendees.
You want to receive a delegate from Japan, Korea, for meetings, training etc. You want to move into foreign markets and need to hold negotiations. they don’t speak your language and you don’t speak theirs. Shamil Translation connect you with all nations. Professional interpreting service provided that will help you and your organization to communicate with those who speak other languages across a wide range of situations. The accuracy and quality of our qualified, highly experienced and fully vetted professional interpreters are highly guaranteed and assured using the best German Bosch interpreting system.

Boost your confidence and advance your career
Shamil conduct translation sessions in convenient training venues, e.g., 4- or 5-stars hotels
Those beginners in translation and interested to learn translation can enroll for reasonable rates


Training in another language makes an employee more valuable in the marketplace, deepen your connection and boost your confidence delivering a speech or business presentation elsewhere.
Whatever your level of confidence now, Shamil Translation can build on it. We offer training courses for natives and non-natives as well as other foreign languages.

Get accurate data and save your time


One thing that all researchers agree on and understand is that inputting bad data leads to bad results”. You may want to study video / audio from other languages but you don’t understand some industries and specific fields of work require very specific experience to go along with any general transcription. That’s where you need an expert, Shamil Translation transcriptionists are skilled in a number of areas, who actually understand the lingo and jargon used and can translate it into a perfect transcript.

Present Quality, drive profitability


“Copywriting is an art, a skill, which requires a passion for the language, creative imagination and good writing skills”. Copywriting is vital for an online and offline success since it delivers valuable content to the consumer and serves as a powerful and effective marketing tool. “The aim of copywriting is to manipulate with words in order to impress the reader and create brand awareness of your products or services”.
Try our service in press release writing, we will handle professionally; we will write it in bilingually. Just trust us once and leave your press release requirements to our professionals.
Shamil Translation provides copywriting and translation for websites, brochures, press releases, adverts, social media, emails, newsletters, articles and more.
Our skilful and gifted copywriters know all the tricks and techniques of the professional writing and they are able to produce the right copy for the right situation straight away.

Save You and Your Employees


“The contract defines the parameters of your ongoing working relationship. First, you’ll need to negotiate a specific scope of work for a particular price and payment schedule”. Marc Osten and Beth Kanter (2003).
“A smart contract can simply be defined as a computer code that runs on top of the blockchain. It contains a set of rules that determine how the involved parties can interact with each other. So, whenever these predefined rules are met, automatically the agreement is enforced. It’s the purest form of decentralized automation”.
“The idea of smart contracts was initially conceived in 1993 by Nick Szabo a cryptographer and computer scientist. He described them as a kind of digital vending machines. At the time he gave an example that explained how users could input value or data and in turn receive a finite item from a machine like a soft drink or a snack”.
“Remember that any contract, especially one with lots of technical details can be confusing and full of language that leaves things open to interpretation”. Before you sign, you may need a legal opinion on the proposed contract and have your organization’s lawyer review it. You might also want it reviewed by a consultant who is experienced in this area, so you can avoid any pitfalls and decode any technical jargon. The small or big money that you spend for an independent consultant to look at a contract can be an excellent way of ensuring a good project.